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At Crescent Bar Internet, we’re dedicated to keeping you connected with reliable and high-speed internet services. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, working from home, or staying in touch with loved ones, we understand the importance of a strong and stable internet connection.

1. Choose your property

1. Choose your property

Browse our service options by selecting your property from our property list. Click on the "Set up service" button to begin the service setup process.
2. Select your service

2. Select your service

Decide which internet and router packages best suit your needs. You can sign up for services on our website or by speaking with a representative.
3. Start surfin'

3. Start surfin'

An installation technician will visit your home to set up your new service and ensure everything works properly. Enjoy your new services and get your surf on!

About Us

Your Local High-Speed Internet Service

Say goodbye to sluggish connections and hello to lightning-fast internet throughout Crescent Bar, including the island’s RV park and condos! Powered by Grant County’s PUD fiber network, our blazing-fast speeds are up to 25 times faster than wireless providers and a staggering 70 times faster than DSL services. With gigabit speeds available, streaming, gaming, and browsing online has never been smoother.

Explore our range of tailored plans designed to suit your unique needs, all supported by our friendly and knowledgeable team. Whether you’re an owner or renter, we’re here to ensure you get the perfect plan for seamless online experiences.

Unlock the full potential of your home or rental property with our cutting-edge internet solutions and gain access to a world of invaluable online resources. Contact us today to get connected and elevate your online experience!


Help Center

Most likely, we furnish a basic all-in-one wireless modem/router for subscribers residing on Crescent Bar Island. This device suits the needs of smaller households adequately. However, many find it preferable to upgrade or procure their own wireless mesh and router for enhanced performance. Subscribers located north of the bridge and throughout Grant County will need to need to buy a router.

Our aim is to get you connected swiftly. For subscribers on Crescent Bar Island, we can have you hooked up within a few days, often even on the same day! However, for fiber-to-the-home subscribers located north of the bridge, Grant PUD’s installation process may add an additional 1-2 weeks to the installation timeframe.

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity. There are no contracts involved with our service – you pay month to month, and there are no hidden fees whatsoever. Additionally, there are no taxes applied to our internet service. We believe in providing unlimited data without any caps or speed throttling, and there are no additional fees beyond what you subscribe to.


All our customers benefit from the Grant PUD fiber system. Subscribers residing north of the bridge and across all of Grant County are served directly with fiber-to-the-home connectivity. Grant PUD furnishes a fiber gateway at the building, and if necessary, we facilitate the installation of CAT 6 cable inside the home to the router location for optimal connectivity.


Subscribers located on Crescent Bar Island are served through our hybrid fiber coax system. Leveraging the Grant PUD fiber network, we extend our services across the island via coaxial cables. Inside the home, we provide a cable modem to deliver internet access efficiently.