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Customers that reside in the Crescent Bar Condos. We now offer high speed internet. We offer 100Mb and 200Mb speeds with no data caps. Stream and download what you need. We provide a modem at no charge.

50 Setup fee is added to all account not connected to the system. We do offer a $8.99 standby plan to save cost and allow for quick activations, and will avoid $50 activation fee.

** You must have a Gigabit Internet router to get faster than 100 Mbps service.

Our supplied modem will allow you to use the full bandwidth.

Crescent Bar Island Customers – Cable Modem or Cable Router Required

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Cable Internet Plan


If you reside on the island south of the bridge (Crescent Bar Condos or the RV Parks) you will need a cable modem or router to receive internet. We offer a no guilt lease of a Combination Gateway Wireless Gateway Router Modem Combo at no additional cost.

* Internet download and upload speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Wireless speeds may vary based on equipment and distance to access point among other issues. Observed speeds may vary based on device, connection, and other factors outside of our control. Additional equipment may be required to receive speeds above 100 Mbps inside your home such as higher-end routers and access points. Internet speeds may vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location and equipment. Minimum computer system requirements apply. Speed is not guaranteed and is affected by the user’s computer, sites accessed and the number of devices connected. Internet modem required, for an additional fee. Additional outlet and special wiring fees may apply. Currently there are no additional fees or taxes.

Our Plans