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Customers that reside North of the bridge in Crescent Bar. Grant County PUD will run Fiber to direct to your home.

Fiber Internet Plans


$ 49.95 /month

Basic Internet allows you to check email, hangout on social media and stream your favorite shows and movies without many hiccups.

Fiber Internet Plans

250 Mbps

$ 59.95 /month

Upgrade from Basic Internet. Stream more video games, TV shows and movies at the same time. If you have a couple kiddos, you should seriously consider this plan.

Fiber Internet Plans


$ 74.95 /month

If you game online a lot or have to upload large files frequently, might be a better choice so you can avoid lag and buffering.

Requires enrollment in both automatic payments and paperless billing.

You must have a modern Gigabit Internet router to use Gigabit and 250 Mbs service.

Premium Internet Service Option: Additional $10.00 Monthly This is an add-on option that we can get for you from the Grant County PUD. It gives you a 24X7 call-out service from the Grant County PUD for your account. If you have a PUD equipment failure and have this service, we can call the PUD, and they will dispatch PUD technicians to come out and fix your problem. You still have to go through us to get the PUD service, but it gives us the ability to provide you with 24 X 7 repair services for your Fiber gateway box and connection from the PUD.

* Internet download and upload speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Wireless speeds may vary based on equipment and distance to access point, among other issues. Observed speeds may vary based on device, connection, and other factors outside of our control. Additional equipment may be required to receive speeds above 100 Mbps inside your home, such as higher-end routers and access points. Internet speeds of up to a Gig may vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location and equipment. Minimum computer system requirements apply. Speed is not guaranteed and is affected by the user’s computer, sites accessed and the number of devices connected. Internet modem required, for an additional fee. Additional outlet and special wiring fees may apply. Equipment, Universal Service Fund, E911, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes, and other fees may apply.

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Crescent Bar Internet delivers quality wired internet connections to established buildings by using their existing cable TV distribution.

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